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Kiss Her Foot - Foot fetish supersite

Foot Fetish / Crushing and Giantesses

    Glass Floor Vision - Over 150 young and sexy girls will kick you in the face and trample you like in real life - you are under the GLASS FLOOR. Gorgeous faces best shaped feet and toes! Many FREE Pix, direct sole scans and Full HD clips !

    Crush Universe - College girls crushing insects.

    Miss Giantess - GIANT women dominate tiny men and small objects, swallowing and eating fantasies!

    Giantess Directory - Directory of sites related to giantesses, tall and muscular women.

    Miss Giantess - Giant women dominate and step on tiny men and small objects.

    Crush Babes - Pictures and clips of foot crush, sit crush, food, bugs, men and more.

    The Antatheka World of POV - Crushing/Giantess CDs for sale plus lots of free pics/clips to download.

    FK Publications - Giantess and female domination stories for the members.

    Feet Crush - Japanese site with free vidcaps and videos for sale.

    Chloe Creations - Mistress Cloe's site with various foot fetish content including crushing.